25 Nov 2009

Lace... Again


Still obsessed with lace I decided to go back and buy some more to make a skirt. Lace is very big this season and it was seen on many catwalks over the summer and I didn't just one a top in lace, I wanted a skirt too. So I made this lace skirt with a black satin underskirt. It was hard sewing it straight onto the elastic because I had to pull the elastic to gather the lace onto it. I really need to use an overlocker to sort out the hem of the satin under layer but apart from that it's actually pretty darn good, if I say so myself. I love this skirt though, I usually wear it when I go out at night and I have also had a few compliments asking where I had bought it from. My handy work with lace seems to prove success full! Onto the next...

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