28 Nov 2009

Collage and Canvas

In my spare time I love to do creative things, such as making things or painting. The most recent things that I have made has been a collage of inspirational imgaes that I have found and a canvas that I have painted of the Union Jack. I really wanted to buy a canvas of the Union Jack which I found in Debenhams, then I thought I could make my own for an extrememly small portion of the cost considering I already own all the paints. I used acrylic paints and made it very thick so it stands up off the canvas.
I also make other things such as scraobooks, which are full of inspirational images I have found in magazines or on the internet, photographs I have taken and drawings or doodles.

1 comment:

  1. i love yout header! this is very cool, i'll probably be doing one of these when i'm in fashion design school!