27 Nov 2009

French Connection Desn 1653

In the second Semester of Uni last year we were put into groups in our Research and Design Development module. Each group was given a brand to research into and design for, my group and I had French Connection.
As overall team work we had to produce a Brand Journal, a Trend Journal, a Designs journal (covering menswear, womenswear and knitwear) and then 3 mood boards and 3 fabric boards for each pathway. I really enjoyed the group work and I think that we each created great work at the end of it all.
After researching trends on the well known trend prediction website WGSN.com we chose 3 in which to re-create into our own trend from which we were to design from. These were; Scarytale-Womenswear, This is 1981-Menswear and On the Buffalo Trail-Knitwear.
Each member of the group designed for each pathway and this was enable us to decide which we enjoyed the most and what we were good at to help us choose which pathway to undergo in o
ur following years at University.
Here are the mood boards and fabric boards which I created for the group and also some of my design sheets.

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  1. I love how you've used the spooky trees as inspiration for your dress designs